Seafood comprises of  Fish, Molluscs, Roe and Crustaceans, and are considered as delectable sometimes rear gems of the deep blue. We

have  been immensely blessed with a variety of  taste,  texture,  shapes, color and  sizes.   Debates on  farm-raised,  wild- caught,  import,

or local and  the nutritional  and  safety  facts  about  seafood  continue to arise  making  legitimate arguments.   As  an educated  consumer

we  have to remain cognizant of all old and new research by marine biologist aware that  natural habitation for marine  life  is clearly and

 will  always  be  the  open  waters.   Eating  fish  at  least twice  a week  aids  in  the maintenance  of a healthy heart, wild-caught  seafood

 should  always  be  your  first  preference as  long  as it is safe.  The issue of  over-fishing or extinction of species should never be our end

result,  if  we  eat  foods in the balance  cycle,  as other meats our planet will be able to sustain the balance of itself of what’s left.  Seafood

is  low  in saturated  fats,  easy  to  digest  and  full  of  Omega 3,  proteins,  vitamins  and  minerals.  An  excellent  brain  food and a great

assistance in averting mood disorders. Fish continues to be the a healthy choice for all but with women 18-45, especially women who are

pregnant or breastfeeding, and children 1-17 year old should avoid fish that are high in mercury and limit the other types of fish they eat.


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