Whole Grains and cereals  are synonymous to  each  other,  they   were   the  first  harvested  food  used   to  indicate  the  changing  of

seasons  and  the  beginning  of  a  new  time.  Barley ripening indicated a new season, unlike the harvesting of corn which has a different

planting  and  reaping seasons.  When consuming food it is important that we be reminded that there is a natural process of growing and

harvesting  what  we  eat.  We have to remember that some additives and preservatives leads to allergies and sicknesses, support growers

and  product  labels who  are  concern  for  your  health  being.   Whole  grains  are  important  to  our  daily  activities  and  is  needed for

maintaining  a healthy diet. It is helpful in digestion, it expedites bowel activity when fiber is bound  to oxidize  fatty acids.  Eating whole

grains and cereals will reduce the  risk  of  having  many  diseases, which  is  disturbingly  common  and  diagnosed  by Doctors regularly.

Seven  out  of ten persons  has  either  GERD,  diverticulitis  or  colon cancer.  Whole  grains are  important to eliminate, prevent or  slow

down  the process of  diseases expediting in our bodies,  we  have to adapt to better diets.  Our diets  should of  phosphorus, cooper, fiber

 manganese,  it  aids  in regularity, lowering of cholesterol protecting our bodies  from free radical damage, heart disease likewise cancer.