Spices holds the  secrets, not only to flavoring  foods  and  satisfying  our  taste  buds,  but  its true  strengths lie in fighting sickness and diseases.  Spice properties are  overwhelming, they  can be  gathered  from roots, barks,  leaves,  stems,  and  even its  pulp.  The Western hemisphere  has  now  aggressively  engaged  into knowing more about spices, the Eastern hemisphere has existed and continues to exist using  countless varieties and ways in consuming them. Spices has been used throughout our existence to assist in the anti-inflammatory fight.  A  precursor  to many chronic  diseases,  such  as heart  disease,  allergies, and Alzheimer’s.  Spices has, and will continue to be the biggest  supporter in the dual fight against weight-gain which is commonly known as obesity and it also has properties to manage weight loss  with its  ability  for your stomachs satiety.  Some spices promote metabolism, with every vitamin, and mineral, you can imagine and the antioxidants in these spices. There are spices which regulates blood, assist with respiratory challenges, promotes brain health and so much  more.   Aside  from being  an  internal  asset  for the  body  organs  the  exterior  of  the  body is complemented with beautiful skin, and hair. Its flavorful, satisfying  taste extends beyond our imagination, spice included in your diet  allow consumption of  fewer calories.

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