Nuts the first  original  snack  that  fills you up as a complete meal.  Nuts along with  pitted dates are the Mediterranean golden candy, it  is so 

nutritionally powerful in a balanced diet. Incorporating various nuts in our daily consumption will provide all  the  protein, fiber, saturated fats,

important  vitamins,  minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids how can anyone not eat it. Various nuts has traveled the great seas and made it’s way

here  in  the  USA   we  now cultivate  Almond,  Cashews,   Macadamia,  Peanuts,   Pine,  Pistachios  and  Walnuts   are   just   some of  the many

that are available to you. Have a mouthful of nuts and leave behind the more  sugary option and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, you will not regret it

these fats are mostly unsaturated fats,  especially the monounsaturated  fat. This type of fat actually decreases the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol

but  helps  maintain  the  desirable  levels  of all of the “good” HDL cholesterol. Pecan nuts are a good source of vitamin B1, protein, magnesium,

oleic acid, and fiber.  They are also believed to be helpful in fighting some cancers.  Almonds  contain calcium and magnesium for strong bones,

vitamin E, and compounds called phytochemicals which are  believed to help  protect  against  cardiovascular disease and even cancer! Walnuts

they contain a full  range of vitamins  and minerals,  including vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium. Peanuts are  high  in  protein and healthy

unsaturated  fats.  They can  be  eaten with a  savory, spicy or sweet flavor its macro nutrients  and  micro nutrients  are    great  for  your heart.

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