Pasta, synonymous with “Italia” a/k/a Italy, namely  the region of Sicily, regardless of its geographic origination, Italia has become the flagship of the

many flavors, varieties and shapes, in our gastronomy world. Tomato and cheese, are synonymous with pasta and makes it the perfect compliment.

 Pasta, a type of  unleavened dried dough is absolutely  delicious when cooked in water. Packaged or freshly made, fresh vegetables, meats, seafood, 

or paired with vineyard wines adds perfection, while listening to Giuseppe Verdi Operas; just perfect! Pasta lead rice as the quick, versatile, easy meal.

It’s made using the finest enriched wheat most pastas are rich  in vitamins  and minerals such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acids and iron  from

eating pasta everyday. It is  an overwhelming  grain base food source, from carbohydrates which is needed to fuel our bodies. Pastas has become the

food which evolved into the homes and hearts of the world. Various types of pastas are made for us all to enjoy; stuffed with various  cheeses,  nuts,

vegetables,  meats, and herbs. Pastas can be best enjoyed with our Nutty flavored Pesto or tomato sauce made from HaShems Harvest Condiments.

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