Peas are the tiniest secret supplement that  gets pushed aside for  the  larger favorable options.  What  most  may  not know about these

small  gems  are  just  as important as other vegetables  which  are consumed by us on  a daily basis. Because the rumor has it as  being a

 “poor mans meal” and has not been adopted in the American diet until recently.  In  most American Food photography it is paired with rice

from the Mexican diet & influence. Peas are  available in numerous varieties through out the world, Snap peas, Sugar peas,  English peas,

Snow Peas, Split Peas,  Pigeon Peas, Green and the list goes on. Peas provide our bodies with vitamins’ A – C – K – B, Folic acid, Sistosterol,

Niacin, and Manganese, PEAS are not to be underestimated! By consuming various types of peas they release properties which assist with

stomach cancer prevention and weight management. As small as they are; they contain high levels of antioxidants,  flavonoids,  alpha  and

beta carotene,  polyphenols  and  ferulic  and  caffeic  acid.  Peas  reduces  bad  cholesterol,  helps  with  constipation due to the high fiber

intake and, it  also helps us maintain healthy bones and even indigestion.  Incorporate more peas in your diet today, you wouldn’t regret it.

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