Vegetables the  flesh  of  the earth a plethora of  pleasure  for  our  palate.  It  is  the only  food  that  can be consumed with  replace any

seafood,   meat,  or dairy and allow us to maintain a healthy  mind  and  beautiful  skin.  Vegetables  are a  great source  of  every vitamin,

 mineral,  protein,  carbohydrates, iron, potassium and the  repertoire continues. The  main  function  of  vegetables  are not complicated

 at all for centuries many has existed as  vegans, or vegetarians and has  been extremely healthy both  physically and cognitively.  Further

 evidence  of  men  both  the  Torah  and  the  Bible   as  the most  renowned  example of  Daniel,  Hananiah,  Azzariah and Michael  being

on  the  pulp  diet  or  in  lemans terms, “a vegetarian diet”, either way the results were marvelous. Sicknesses and diseases are sometime

airborne  and  only  certain  foods  can  combat  such levels to nurture the body back to its healthy state. Vegetable soup for a sick patient

instead  of  a  savory  meat  dish,   just  works  better.  We  have  to learn  how  to translate  “farmers market”  into  my  refrigerators  best

friend.  Some  customers  has  ask questions such as, how do I learn to prepare these meals to gain the highest nutritional value? and our

reply!  Read  about  where  your  food  comes  from,  practice reading  food labels, consult with your physician on your bodies nutritional

deficiencies  and   deformities  and  instead   of  taking  supplements  try  a  new  food  and  learn  to  cook  it,   you  may  amaze  yourself.

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