Rice are harvested in various textures for the sole purpose of energizing our bodies, it is as ancient as the barley of the fields.

Some types of rice are imported from around  the world. There are  African, Baldo,  Basmati,  Brown,  Koshihikari,  Long Grain  

and  Rosematta rice which are some of the varieties we can choose. Rice  supplies  no fat, cholesterol  or  sodium,  when eaten

in controlled portions. It balances our blood pressure, helps with  hypertension and even cancer, its a great anti inflammatory.

Rice  is  a  direct resource in assisting  our diuretic and  digestive tracts,  with  loads of  vitamins, iron,  minerals  and  fiber. Rice

contain high levels of protein, B6 vitamins, and is also a friend to our heart. It’s  nutrients can be balanced when eaten with meat

or vegetables. Rice has over 140,000 varieties and its an excellent energy source and easy  to  digest. If you are allergic to gluten 

or wheat  please use  another  form of acquiring  an  excellent  energy  source, it can be prepared by boiling or steaming.  Sushi,  

wrapped in dried seaweed; is  often a common display of how rice can be eaten with seafoods, vegetables, meats and spicy dips.

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