Barbecuing  were  developed  from  these  words Barabicu  or  Barbacoa,  a ” slow in-ground” or open-fire meat  cooking technique, which  were  adapted  by  the  migrators’ from the heart of the world. Caribbean and  South  America,  where  the  Africans,  Arawak’s and Carib’s  an indigenous people,  style  of  cooking discovered  and  adapted  by   all  who live  in  the US.  The people  of  America incorporated  this  style  of preparation, and quickly placed their own personal signature  on  it, in the Carolina’s,  Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia and  Texas. With the use of tomatoes we created  a sauce  for  eating  our  grilled meats.

Now, irrespective of its origin we in the United States just loves it,  Barbeque / Barbecue / B.B.Q / on  the Barbie  the beautiful and tasteful history of  open  flamed  slow  cooking  is our guilty pleasure. Hashems Harvest offers (7) seven varieties to the BBQ aficionado, our taste groups are smoky, tangy, sweet, spicy and robust.

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