Hashems Harvest a healthy food manufacturing company in the United States founded on faith principles of both the Judaic and

Christian  beliefs, spans  over  two  centuries  collectively  from  two  eclectic  culinary  families, whose experience in cooking and

customizing in both Eastern and Western styles has spun over  five generations. It  started  with the Great Grand Matriarch, who

before passing at the age of “112 years old” decided to taste the worlds flavors from a palatable point of view. Her mission was to

understand the nutritional and culinary properties of the many ingredients grown around the world, using their recipes and

understanding its health value. The Grand Matriarch still lives on, celebrating “100 years” of her life. She has shared with her son

her secrets and experiences with the current food connoisseur at Hashems Harvest, letting them in on the secrets by means of her

diet and longevity. Her life continues to encompass the eating practice of eating fresh, wild-caught seafood, grass feed animals,

free range meats, fresh pressed oils for cooking, natural tea leaves, cocoa and coffee, natural preservatives through pickling,

smoking and salting. The current Matriarch continues the tradition, transferring into modern existence and being cognizant of

preservatives, pesticides pollutants especially when cultivating the food which we have to use for our products. We use the freshest

garden crops to create our rare blends in the form of condiments. Our products are made with the healthy family in mind,

vegetarians, vegans, food enthusiast, artisan chef and the humble foodie, are just some of those who indulge in the use of our

products. Hashems Harvest pride themselves on easy to read labels. Our companies goal is to learn as much as we can

when creating products which are best for all of our customers. Our Products should not be made with any synthetics, unhealthy

ingredients for our customers or become a product that is not honorable. At Hashems Harvest we made it our responsibility, to

provide the best product that we can possibly offer to our loyal customers.

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