Our products, can be used to enhance any type of dish from around the world, any country, any city, and any island in between. As far

as the East  is from the West, our products can be used with great confidence for your family dinners.  They are specialized handpicked

ingredients,which enhances  exceptional flavors for all  seafood, meats, vegetable, soups  and  sauces. Restaurant chefs’  use  it  as their

secret  ingredient  to  perfect  taste.  Sig.ra Italia™  our  all  natural  &  organic pesto, are  an all  Italian made Pesto which  are  used  for

vegetables, pasta, breads, and seafood its ambrosial rustic flavor reflects Italia. BBQ  sauces respectively from cities and states such as

New York  City  inspired Urban Bourbon™, Mexican’s inspired  Chipotle  Tango  Mango ™, The Mid-West Fruity  Hickory ™, Hawaiian’s

inspired  Pineapple  Heat ™,  San  Francisco’s  inspired  Citrus  Teri  Yaki  Saki ™,   Virginia’s  inspired  Bee  My  Honey ™,  and  Georgia’s

inspired  Mouth  ov   the South™,  are  some   of  our  delights  for  the in/outdoor   grill.  For the herb and spice connoisseur,  a robust

Marinade and Seasoning from culinary herbs and spices has been made just for you. 12 Herb & Spice marinade awake your gustatory

palate as a must have for  your  meat, seafood or veggie. Our marinades provides great sources of niacin, dietary fiber, zinc, copper, &

phosphorus, and  it  also has a host of vitamins  like  vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, folate, and minerals like iron, calcium,

magnesium,  potassium, and  manganese.  Hashems’ Ketchups™  is  the  perfect  blend of  vine ripen tomatoes, rich spices and apple

cider.  All  of  our  products  are  made  with  ingredients  rich  in vitamin C,  A, and  vitamin K.  They  are  also  a  good  source of folate,

thiamin, vitamin  B2 (riboflavin),  vitamin  E,  B3 (niacin),  B6  (pyridoxine),  B5 (pantothenic acid),   tryptophan,  protein, molybdenum

just  to  list  a few. All Hashems  Harvest  products  are  not  manufactured  under  any  “Private Labeling Company”,  simply because

our staff is not  in  their  factories to ensure, inspect or oversee  the process  of manufacturing  our food  products. Our pledge is not

to  outsource  the manufacturing of our products, or  forbid transparency at  the expense and health of our customers and friends.

From our family to yours thank you and do enjoy!

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