Charity begins at home“  has  been  the  adage we  have  grown  to  love and respect!  At Hashems Harvest, we encourage others to support their local charities, and become active participants in finding ways to alleviate hunger. We can all bring awareness to those who may not know just how difficult it is at times for charities to stay active in assisting the rest of the world. Most sincere organizations sole purpose is to assist families in need. We highlight these a couple of these organizations primarily because their main focus is on sourcing a balanced dietary solution through advocacy. Hashems  Harvest has,  and  will  always  be  an  advocate  for  families,  who  are faced with issues of hunger.

Solitary food items or complete meals for families, namely children and mothers should not be an everyday challenge. For those who are unable to comfortably make ends meet; please visit your neighborhood FOOD BANKS, FOOD PANTRIES, FOOD PROGRAMS, and DISTRIBUTION CENTERS.

As an American Business, we are doing our part in raising awareness.

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