Herbs  holds a great trove  of secrets for healing and aiding our bodies in  being  gentler and  healthier  when  digested into our stomachs.

It  has always been the first pick of the fields, whether it is used for oral consumption or external  uses.  Herbs are the number one source

when eaten for longevity and health. It balances the improvement of our body’s  metabolism!   It enhances the flavor  when making  soups,

  cooking stews, grilling, and baking,  its versatility is never ending.  Savory  dishes  loves the  flavor  of  chive,  celery,  sage,  rosemary,  thyme,

 oregano,  garlic and parsley to name a few. When  these herbs are incorporated into your dish, the family enjoys perfected taste. Benefits in 

 eating,  using culinary herbs aids in destroying unhealthy cells, it possesses great anti-inflammatories, decreases motion sickness, clotting of

blood, or regulating cholesterol.  Herbs  derive  from various sources: leaves, seeds, roots, tree bark, plants, flowers and tropical trees. These

contain  benefits which help us in our gastric digestion, absorption, and the release of nutrients in all our food. A must! when cooking meals

 try including natural herbs, either picked fresh, used dried, or pickled combination on your next meal, guaranteed that you will not regret it.

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