Meats are the  laborious  delight   for  protein,  red  meats  or   specialty  meats  as  they  are  sometimes  referred  includes  Lamb,  Beef,

Bison, or  Goat,  just to name  a  few, with the exception of poultry such as Chicken, Turkey, Peasant, which are enjoyed as either a dark or

light meat.  These meats has critical nutrients  for the functioning body although  they are not red meats.  Amino acids, are needed in the

blood for healthy red blood cells to becomes hemoglobin the compound needed to  assists  in  muscle cells for oxygen use.  Vitamins  are

needed for healthy  bones, teeth,  skin and eyes.  Meats containing  high volumes of B-complex vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic

acid  and  vitamins  among  other  nutritional  benefits.  Red  meat is  a  good  source  of  iron,  with 17 percent of the recommended daily

allowance  of  iron in  a  3-ounce serving of  beef  chuck  blade  roast.  Iron is  a  mineral  needed  for your blood cells to transport oxygen

throughout the body and cell-growth  regulation.  Other  deficiencies such  as  Iron  deficiencies often  causes  symptoms such as fatigue,

shortness of  breath and  more difficulty  concentrating.  Meats  if  a necessity in your diet should be marinated or seasoned with our 12

Herbs  &  Spices  Marinade to assist not only with taste but to assist in the elimination of various pathogens and other bacteria in meats.

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