Hashems Harvest, a nutritional Kosher food manufacturer, provides products that are made with ingredients which are 100% natural and / or organic.

Our products are made to be healthy, tasty and a laborious free alternative, when all has been considered for cooking and / or preparing various foods.

Ingredients harvested for our products are grown on the finest green farms and all attempts are made to refrain from GMO, pesticides and weedicides.

Health Awareness

One of the many benefits provided to the public comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta Georgia where case studies are published. This agency monitors the pattern of ills and sicknesses that may occur over time, and it’s effects when a particular ingredient or food is eaten in excess. The Record show the alarming rise from unhealthy dietary practices, of sodium intake, cholesterol, carbohydrates, sweetener, gluten and calories levels which triggers diesease such as Type II diabetes, hypertension, GERD, and Obesity.


Food manufacturers should be held accountable! At Hashems Harvest, we are holding ourselves in the esteem of what customers expect from us as their food manufacturer, whether they understand the important use of healthy ingredients or not. Our attempts are geared to educate the general public by way of our nutritional values, prove validity of ingredients and make our customers happy. We refuse to negotiate on taste, quality and cost. Our local and international customer base says it all, we have to support better options.


Our motto “Real Ingredients “in” Our Products™” is available to the public, in stores and online, our products contain no fluffing, dangerous additives or deadly pesticide transference. Love, wisdom, tradition, pride, concern and experience, are the founding principles. Open discussions can be held on our Blog, we support eco-friendly companies, fair trade workers, manufacturers, and vendors. Remember… “Your true wealth, is the investments you make in your health!” Make a deposit today! From all at Hashems Harvest.